Mini Drugstore Haul || Superdrug

Hey guys! Here’s a little haul/first impressions for you from a recent online shop I did where I picked up a few essentials I was in desperate need of, I hope you enjoy!!

Now, I only got a few bits and bobs, so what I’ve done is divided it into the things I loved, and the things I didn’t love so much.

Products I didn’t like so much unfortunately were the lashes I tried.

Eyelure No 101

To be fair here, I haven’t been into lashes for very long, so I didn’t know what I was looking for. Foolishly, I didn’t read in the description where these say “shorter”. I thought that meant the actual lash length, not the band- so unfortunately these were too short for my eyes, and left me struggling to make them blend. Too small for me unfortunately, but if anyone wants the two pairs remaining let me know, as they are beautiful after all… just not for me!

Revlon Lengthen

Ok, so… These look BEAUTIFUL in the packaging if you ask me, and I saw no reason why they shouldn’t look amazing on too- that is until, I tried, and I couldn’t even apply them. Yes, I am inexperienced with lashes, but I am not incapable of applying them when I concentrate. The band on these were so rigid and horrendous to work with, I ended up having a tantrum and giving up. I would certainly not recommend these to beginners like myself, and probably not to more experienced folks either. There are thousands of lashes out there that are just as beautiful, and far less awkward to work with!!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I bought this recently after Becca from becxblogs recommended it, as I’d been trialling the wet and wild stick concealer and finding it didn’t work very well with my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (click the link for my review on that!). I bought the lightest shade (I think) in shade fair 1. I always buy my concealer as light as possible as I can always use some brightening under the eye, but I also need it to blend seamlessly with my base coat as I’m definitely a full coverage kind of gal. This concealer works great for me,its long-wearing with minimal creasing, and blends with amazing buildable coverage. Good one Bec!!

Elf Makeup Mist & Set

I bought this on a whim after running out of my Morphe fix plus, as I don’t really have the funds to be that boujee right now. I love to liberally spray my face when I finish my makeup and lightly go over it with a beauty blender (a tip I picked up from Laura Lee) because I feel like it really presses the spray into my foundation and makes it sit more naturally with my skin.

I was actually super pleasantly surprised with this product, this spray really finishes my look, makes it more long wearing and is cooling and pleasant to apply with the perfect spritz bottle.


I hope you enjoyed this little mini haul! 

Lots of love,

Frankii x


Discounted beauty: Dawn Till Dusk “Deep Cleansing Black Mask”

Hey guys! Here’s my next post in the “Discounted Beauty” series! Discounted beauty is my new series about products found on sale, or on online discount stores such as Groupon or Wowcher. Of course if there’s anything that you’ve seen that you think I should try and review please go ahead and let me know in the comments below, I love to hear your recommendations and I’d take any suggestions into account! 


Dawn Till Dusk “Deep Cleansing Black Mask”

The product I have for you today is the Dawn Till Dusk “Deep Cleansing Black Mask”. I purchased this from Groupon for a whopping £1.99 plus postage! You get 100ml of product, and the packaging is quite nice, a bit gothic and fun, especially for this time of year. The instructions for this one were pretty standard, wash your face with warm water, apply an even mask avoiding sensitive areas (eyes, lips, eyebrows, hairline) and allow to dry for 30 minutes or until it changes from gloss to matte. This product claims that: “The unique blend of vitamins and plant extracts found within the ingredients soften the skin to restore a smooth, fresh and youthful glow.” It’s supposedly designed to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and eliminate skin’s excess oil.

I was interested in this product as I do have combination skin, with majority of my skin being normal but I do suffer from a slightly oily T-Zone (prone to blackheads on my nose with enlarged pores on my cheeks). I am always on the hunt for products to shrink my pores, as it’s something I’m quite insecure about. I get frustrated with them because I feel like it makes my makeup look much less smooth and refined, and some foundations/highlights really cling to them and emphasise this problem area. My husband has quite an oily skin type in general, so he was quite happy to give a males perspective on this product also! (The gross part of us is also excited to trial this product on his back!!)

The mask is a little messy, I find they always are when they come from a tube but maybe thats just me being clumsy! When applied in an even layer as per the instructions it sits comfortably and doesn’t drip or do anything funky. As it dries down, even if you forget to time it, the product starts to feel a little tight and reminds you that it’s working (yes, I am one of those people who forgets).

After 30 minutes we were both super excited to peel it off, and had a laugh trying to peel it off in one really satisfying layer (which this product allows, SO GOOD!). Again, the sick part of me was almost hoping to see some gross stuff on the back of the peeled layer like you do with a nose strip- this was not the case. However, I was not expecting big things from a £1.99 product at all, but I did notice that my pores looked great! They genuinely did appear reduced and I was totally thrilled to the extent it made me want to apply a primer and do my makeup. My skin felt smooth, softer and clean, and despite a couple of drips on my T-Shirt during application, I really enjoyed my experience using this product.

Since then I’ve used the products a few more times since, and actually I still really like this product. If you have a spare bit of couch change laying around this product is amazing value, so why not give it a go if you can still get your hands on it?!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what you think in the comments or again if you’ve found anything you’d like me to try let me know!!

Love from Frankii!

High-street skincare haul || two-week review


Though my friends tell me I’m pretty good with makeup, I never really started wearing a lot or experimenting it creatively until about three years ago. Following a rather tragic “emo” phase during my teens (with a lot of spider lashes and seriously backcombed hair), I was always quite a low maintenance stable girl. For college and every day, it was unusual to see me in anything more than mascara- and on a good day a liquid eyeliner.

However, as my passion grew and I became more and more involved in the community, I realised I had been seriously neglecting my skin for the best part of 20 years. Even now, two years later, I barely have a skincare routine. Since starting this blog, I decided to bring you with me on my journey to discover one!
Throughout my life, I’ve been very fortunate with my skin despite the neglect I showed it. (I only started wearing a makeup primer in the past two years!) I’ve never really had an issue with acne or problem skin in general. However, certain foundations can be slightly drying, and sometimes I get blackheads around the nose area- but I guess thats hardly surprising given my lack of skincare.
So, because I’m 22, and have fairly “normal” type skin, the things I am looking for from my skin routine is as follows: something that makes my skin less ‘dull’, a primer that shrinks/blurs my pores, and perhaps something that helps deal with or prevent the occasional hormonal breakout.
Before I committed to some more expensive products, I wanted to experiment with some high street products I had heard good things about. So, about a fortnight ago I sent my beloved husband off with a few things sneakily added onto our regular grocery shop. So, here is what I got and my thoughts so far!

1. L’oréal Paris Wrinkle Expert Day Cream
I know what you’re thinking! “But you’re only twenty-two years old!” and you are correct. I have always been hesitant about succumbing to the horrendous marketing fuelled ‘crisis’ that is ageing, however, more recently I have noticed that the creases under my eyes have become a little deeper. That’s absolutely fine, I would have no qualms with this, were it not getting in the way of my makeup and dramatic smokey eye looks!
Ironically, on closer inspection, this product actually reads “apply every morning to a cleansed face and neck. Avoid eye area”. To be fair, I wasn’t very specific in my instructions to my husband, as I simply put “anti-ageing cream”, so I take the blame for this one. However, I was always brought up with the saying “waste not want not” so I thought I would give it a try.
This product retails at £7.33. The first thing you notice when you open this product is the smell. Though not entirely unpleasant, it definitely has a ‘cosmetic’ scent. When applied the product is cold, smooth and doesn’t feel sticky, which I appreciate. When it’s on it feels soothing and your skin does instantly feel tighter and softer to the touch, though if you touch it too much sometimes some odd flaky residue can occur. The effect I noticed the most is my neck did feel a lot tighter (in a good way), and the skin there seemed to feel a lot better than it normally would.

Overall,  I would give this product 7/10, as the smell was a bit strong and it did leave some strange residues. However, it did do what it said and was smoothing and firming, especially for the price point. Overall, it was a good product, though I can’t say an incredible amount about its anti-ageing effects being only 22. It did however, make the skin on my neck and jaw feel a lot healthier and tighter. So, if you’re looking for some subtle firming on a budget, you should give this a try!

2. Garnier Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes

In the past strangely enough I always avoided makeup wipes and opted for baby wipes instead, as I found a lot of them were too harsh or irritating for my skin, especially around the eyes. These however, have been really wonderful. These retail at around £1.66, and are worth every penny. During use they feel a little wet, but not so much that you feel as though there is too much excess; they are gentle, cool and soothing around the eyes and face and leave the face feeling nourished, smooth and delightfully hydrated. So far I give this product a strong 9/10, as my skin feels so much better since I’ve started to use them to remove my makeup.

3. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

So HERE is a product I am unexpectedly super excited to share with you. I’ve seen/read a couple of people seriously raving about this, though honestly I was expecting to be disappointed, because how much difference could a ‘cleansing water’ really do right? Wrong. Here is what the product claims to do:

“Our Garnier Cleansing Water does not claim to help with acne. The Micellar Water is intended to cleanse the skin like a magnet. Micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil and makeup without harsh rubbing, leaving skin perfectly clean, hydrated and refreshed without over-drying.”

So far,  I have to say, I am living for what it’s done for my skin. Typically, I have been applying this with a cotton pad in the morning before doing anything to my skin, and at night after removing my makeup with the aforementioned wipes (which make it easier to remove mascara, I was never fond of putting cotton pads too near my contacts) in order to clear up any remaining makeup or other oils/residue left on my face.

First of all, retailing at about £2, this product is an absolute steal, as in the bottle I chose, you get 400ml of product that is well worth your time and money. It has little to no scent, with traces of one that reminds me somewhat of cucumber, but it is quite pleasant. I find this product does all the things I mentioned the wipes do (gentle, cooling, soothing, moisturising, hydrating), but possibly even more so. It soaks into the skin very quickly and leaves it feeling fresh, healthy and ready to go!

I would honestly rate this product at a stunning 10/10 because for the price point I really have noticed a difference, and I know that this is a product I will reach for again and again as part of my newfound skincare regime.

Frankii x

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of this little haul! Have you tried any of these comments? Let me know in the comments!